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Self-help books are too often directed at getting your money.

Today, bookstores are packed with books about losing weight, getting the relationship you want, ending depression, and changing your brain.

In fact, most people who sought the author’s help… had read book after book (and countless articles) in the hope that they might find the right answer or solution. Sometimes, these well-intentioned men and women knew practically everything a person could know about their problem, habit, or difficulty.

Nevertheless, the books and new knowledge repeatedly failed to help them or provide lasting change.



The Chi of Change is Different

The Chi of Change shows you how hypnotherapy can help you change your life for the better
— no matter how stuck you are, or how long you have been stuck.


Discover Empowering Truths

You will discover astonishing, empowering truths about your feelings, emotions, and thoughts… and more importantly, why these things are not you…


Befriend Your Emotions

You will learn how even your most difficult feelings and emotions can be used in order to move forward in a much more balanced, meaningful, and joyful manner…


Read Real-Life Stories

You will read fascinating real-life stories of how people rebound from lives filled with such disturbing states as anxiety, panic, depression, addiction, and over-eating…

quote-frontIf anyone is skeptical about the therapeutic power of hypnosis, quote-backthis book will remove all doubts

Dr Walter E. Jacobson M.D. Psychiatrist Author of #1 Best-Seller ‘Forgive To Win!’


Whether you change in constructive ways that help you adapt and
move forward with your life… or in ways that restrict and narrow your world, it really is up to you.

And, that’s what The Chi of Change is all about.


Are you going nowhere fast?

Sometimes it feels like the more we struggle, the less free we become. Are you being robbed of the simple joy of existence?

Have you experienced anxiety or panic? Depression or compulsions?

How about phobias, lack of confidence, sexual dysfunction or insomnia?

Do you use any of the following coping mechanisms to distract yourself?

Overeating, Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Nail Biting, Hair Pulling, Teeth Grinding…

There is a solution. Hypnotherapy can turn your life around.


quote-frontA genuinely ground-breaking book that will change foreverquote-back the way you think about your feelings and emotions

William Broom Chief Executive, U.K. General Hypnotherapy Standards Council


YOU can change – and when you change so does your life!

No matter what the past has been, no matter what the present is

book cover

Throughout The Chi of Change, you will see how so many of your difficulties are the result of out-dated beliefs and faulty programming… how hypnotherapy can greatly help you to…

  • Realign, and set things right
  • Re-process your subconscious mind
  • End your inner conflict
  • Bring about a real transformation in the way you feel and think
  • Restore yourself to a natural, balanced psychological state… and a healthy-living routine

The Chi of Change is not a self-help manual, an instruction book, nutritional guide, or a book on Eastern (Oriental) philosophy.

The Chi of Change is your practical guide to the wonderful therapeutic approach of advanced hypnotherapy and how it can revolutionize your life!


quote-frontAn important new approach to mental and emotional healingquote-back

Dr F. S. Starr MD. FAACAP, BCIA Psychiatrist


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quote-frontFuses the beauty of traditional thought with a modern, quote-backprofound understanding of the mind & of the human spirit

Dr Richard Connolly Birmingham University