About Hypnotherapy

So, what exactly is Hypnotherapy?

quote-frontIt is the single most effective meansquote-back of helping people psychologically that I have found. And this is why I use it. I use it because it works.

Peter Field

bookOne of the greatest fallacies about therapy…

is that seeking it is a sign of weakness.

Nothing could be further from the truth…

Recognizing the need for help and doing something about that need, far from being a sign of weakness, is an indication of maturity and strength. Both the American Medical Association and British Medical Association have approved the use of hypnotherapy as a psychotherapeutic tool for more than sixty years.

Hypnotherapy can…

  • Reprocess and re-program your subconscious
  • Realign your personality, helping you become closer to your ‘authentic’ self
  • Help you become freer, calmer, and clearer within yourself

How long is the entire process?

Because hypnotherapy is a powerful yet brief therapy, you would probably be surprised to discover that the entire process takes only a few sessions, from start to finish. In fact, it is quite unusual for any series of hypnotherapy treatments to take longer than six or seven sessions. You really do not need endless sessions of talk and exploration in order to bring about real change.


The Chi of Change is an extremely well-written book that details the underlying basis for a variety of emotional problems including depression, anxiety, bad habits, addictions & low self-esteem among others.

Peter Field clearly and concisely explains the way damaging programming from our past gets locked into our subconscious mind and generates dysfunctional emotions and behaviors which traditional psychotherapy and psycho-pharmacology do not effectively address.

He demonstrates, through stories about patients he has helped, how hypnotherapy can be used to disrupt the maladaptive subconscious programming once and for all, thereby healing people and freeing them to live emotionally stable and satisfying lives.

If anyone is skeptical about the therapeutic power of hypnosis, this book will remove all doubts. It is an impressive piece of work and I highly recommend it.

Dr Walter E. Jacobson MD, Psychiatrist, author of the #1 Best-Seller ‘Forgive To Win!’


How are you to know if hypnotherapy is right for you… if it works?

hypnotherapyThat is a perfectly valid question. And, in order to offer you some kind of answer, Peter will explain many things to you within his book, including: Why hypnosis is the most rapid, effective, and natural way to modify behavior, thought processes, and feelings that there is

  • What happens when you are in the trance state
  • Common myths and misunderstandings about hypnosis
  • The best way to find an effective therapist… if you are contemplating therapy
  • How hypnotherapy allows skilled therapists to work with the mind in a therapeutic manner—realigning, reprogramming, and rebalancing it so it functions in a more life-affirmative way
  • Why hypnosis is merely a tool… and why what happens when you are in the ‘trance state’ is what really counts

Yes, ‘therapy’ is big word… and it encompasses many different approaches. Just as no one type of shoe will suit every single person, no one psychological approach will suit everyone. The Chi of Change will help you decide if hypnotherapy is ‘right for you’… before searching for a hypnotherapist and making an appointment.


Thoroughly enjoyable! I would recommend this book to anyone who has dismissed hypnotherapy out of hand without ever actually thinking about it and the power behind it. The Chi of Change will leave you asking one question time and time again: Why are we not using hypnotherapy more?

Professor Craig Jackson Head of Psychology Division, School of Social Sciences
Birmingham City University


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