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A Seed of Hope – By Peter Field

The world we live in appears so full of upheaval and uncertainty. Turn on the news, pick up a newspaper, and each day seems to bring new revelations of chaos and of man’s simple inhumanity to man. Who can really be blamed for sometimes thinking that the world itself is going – to use that […]

What You Need to Know About Therapy – by Peter Field

One of the greatest fallacies about therapy is that seeking it is a sign of weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Recognizing the need for help and doing something about that need, far from being a sign of weakness, is an indication of maturity and strength. It is a manifestation of the individual’s […]

What You Need to Know About Hypnosis – by Peter Field

The Trance That Damages Over the years, many people have asked me why I became a therapist, or more precisely, how I became a “hypno-therapist.” “Why would someone with your history be working in a field that most psychologists simply dismiss?” people enquire. How does someone with a background in science and psychology become guided […]

Are You Crazy? – by Peter Field

As a hypno-psychotherapist, I’m used to working with people who have been experiencing all manner of emotional and psychological difficulties. In fact, there must be very few such difficulties that I haven’t seen and worked with over the years. Often people tell me that they have tried just about everything in their quest to find […]

The Half Full Glass – by Peter Field

So many of the people who visit me for help in overcoming their difficulties have been struggling for years. It’s not at all uncommon for someone to tell me: ‘I’ve had your telephone number for ages, but I didn’t call you. I just kept on hoping my problem would go away…’ But, of course, it […]

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